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Listed below are links to programs discussed in my introduction to the Internet course.

Spy Ware

Spy ware or tracking programs can be installed on your computer without your knowledge. "Free" programs like Bonsai Buddy, Gator, and Comet Cursor are the most common, but not the only ones.

Not only do these programs invade your privacy, they add a burden to your system and can cause a loss in performance and may even cause it to crash.

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Ad Aware is a FREE program used to remove spy ware. It has recently been updated to ver 6. You should download, install and then run this program every month or so. There are periodic updates which should also be downloaded and installed.

Fire Wall

A fire wall monitors all Internet traffic into and out of your computer. The only traffic it permits are items you have approved. Users with high speed connections like Cox cable modem or DSL are particularly vulnerable. I have seen where a computer in another country was sending spam email forwarded through a computer infected with a Trojan horse program. A fire wall was able to stop this activity.


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The most popular fire wall and it is FREE for home users. Users running Internet connections sharing need to purchase the PRO version. You have to hunt a little to get the free version, it is there



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Very good FREE anit-virus program